More Testimonials

A client of mine who had very low bone density reading was on all kinds of supplements to fix this problem for years. I have tested and eliminated her sensitivity to calcium and just a year later heard from her again (she is in Europe). Her MD could not believe the bone density test result, because it was perfect. She even said to my client that it is not possible and if she did not see it in black and white she would think those results do not belong to my client.

Radka M., Czech Republic, Europe

I wanted to share a brief testimonial that you might find useful, be it for yourselves, or someone you know.

Those of you who know Christopher well, know that an infinite number of allergies have always plagued his life. Every year he was getting worse and worse; earlier this year I quit my job, one of the reasons being because his asthma/overall health was getting out of control. Even through the winter, he was taking daily adult doses of allergy meds, nose sprays, eye drops and the monthly “boost” of prednisone; he had now been referred to Hospital for Sick Children to address his loss of bone density due to the excessive steroid use.

Well to make a long story short, I hesitantly started seeing this acupuncturist/holistic allergy practitioner hoping to just have Christopher experience a little relief. I didn’t want to be disappointed, so I kept my expectations low; but I figured a little relief would be better than nothing. He told me Christopher is one of the most severe cases he’s seen (no surprise there), but I am happy to tell you that for the first time in 10 years, Christopher has not required ANY type of allergy medication this summer.

I continue to take Christopher for more BIE sessions still, and now that he’s getting better, it is VERY clear that Christopher will be able to get rid of his asthma altogether now – it already has been significantly reduced-, just like the BIE practitioner had stated on our first visit (of course I had not allowed myself to believe him to avoid disappointment).

Please pass the link on to people you know who suffer from ANY type of allergies/asthma. I assure you they will be forever grateful to you.

Ana L. – Bolton, Ontario

On September 30th of 2009, I saw a BIE practitioner, who desensitized me to eggs and peanut allergies that were quite severe. Even the smell of peanuts or eggs would trigger an allergic reaction. Now I am able to eat both peanut and eggs with no reactions at all.

Grant L. – Powassan, Ontario

I came to see you yesterday with my fiancé. I must say I feel a lot better with regards to my allergy. I wanted to thank you for this new change in my life.

Nidhi S. – Rochester, New York

I personally was near-diabetic and hypoglycemic because of all the food allergies I had. I was resistant to several co-factors required to manufacture insulin. I no longer have any problems with blood sugar levels and symptoms of that kind, since I was treated with BIE by the doctor in Toronto.

Sofia F. – Toronto, Ontario

My name is Ryan. I am 23 years old. I was born with Celiac; an allergy to wheat, oats, barley and rye (among other grain products). After the BIE practitioner treated me, I was able to enjoy all the things I’ve spent my life wishing I could eat. No more harassing servers at restaurants, or reading the ingredients of everything I pick up at the supermarket. I no longer feel the pain, bloating or any of the other awkward and embarrassing side-effects. I am a jaded cynic who thought it was too good to be true, but for someone who loves food the way I do, it’s a miracle. BIE has impacted the rest of my life… So have donuts…

Ryan, – Ingersoll, Ontario

This client came to my office because she had heard that BIE could be used to help her with Celiac disease. Celiac is do to a severe gluten intolerance, and generally causes such symptoms as diarrhea, cramping, bloating, skin rashes, malabsorption and weight loss.

Initially, the client’s hope was that we could clear the intolerance enough that she could avoid those symptoms from ‘accidental’ consumption. That is, she still intended to follow a gluten-free diet, but would be happy to not be sent to the bathroom if for example, the gravy at a restaurant accidentally contained flour.

On our first visit, we tested all her food sensitivities and found that, as often occurs with Celiac clients, she was not only allergic to grains, but also corn, potatoes – and interestingly, turkey. We also tested her minerals and vitamins, as during the time that she was sick, she may have developed an intolerance to them.

During that same initial session, I used the BIE (Bio-Energetic Intolerance Elimination) method to desensitize the gluten intolerance. We re-tested her after and at that time she tested very strong (that is, she was not reacting to the gluten in the test). I told her that Celiac clients require may require up to 3 sessions to fully clear the intolerance, and, in the meantime she was to avoid “junk food” or processed food, drink lots of water, and probably continue to avoid wheat. She re-booked for 2 weeks later for her 2nd session.

When she came in for her 2nd appointment, she admitted to me that she had tried eating wheat. I asked what happened – her answer: NOTHING. She had no symptoms – normally the sandwich that she ate would have sent her to the bathroom with cramps, bloating and diarrhea, however this time, she did not have any symptoms. We desensitized her for a 2nd time and she again tested negative after the session.

It has been many months now, and this client has been completely symptom-free from her wheat/gluten intolerance. She now consumes wheat products on a regular basis (not just accidentally!) and feels great.

The following is her testimonial:

“I am amazed at how well my body is doing after the BIE treatments for my gluten intolerance. Not only have the treatments allowed me to consume wheat products but the treatments have also balanced my body and removed other symptoms I was having with related foods that are difficult to digest. I do feel much better and will continue to see my BIE practitioner to ensure I stay on the right track”.

Lori P. – Oakville, Ontario

I am now clearing my “to do” list from last year. I wanted to send you a testimonial.

When my family all got together at Christmas, they were so pleased to see how successful the BIE desensitizings were. I didn’t have to grill everyone about who brought this food dish and what is in it.

I really appreciate all that you have done for me. It is amazing.

Marilyn K. – Lethbridge, Alberta


I wanted to send you an update on the Depo Prevera intolerance I had. I reacted very badly to Depo prevera (a birth control drug I was taking) 1 month since seeing my BIE practitioner, and having the depo-provera desensitized, I am now clear of all food allergies, and haven’t had even a headache. All my symptoms have cleared.

This is great, because prior to the depo prevera, my food allergies were getting worse. I no longer seem to have any food allergy reactions.

I hope that some one might be able to use this info!

Laura C – Vancouver, B.C.

It’s official, an entire week has passed and I have not had to take any Zantac for the first time in a couple of years. With the help of BIE, and my belief that my body has the ability to heal itself, I just continue to feel better and better.

I just wanted to remind you that what you do makes a difference in people’s lives!

Catharine F. – Guelph, Ontario


I was wondering if you would mind if I write a blog online about what you are doing regarding allergies. There is a lot of discussion going on in the blogging world, I would like to share my own experiences and possibly pass along your information in my blog should the request come forward. Given your success rate and my faith in your device and that you have God on your side, I truly believe in what you’re doing and would like to comment about it so that other bloggers with food and environmental allergies may contact you should they like to. I’m sharing my success with many people as you might have noticed already because I’m very thankful.

Tom E. – New Jersey

I wish to thank my BIE practitioner. I used to come to see her dragging myself into the clinic exhausted from stress. I’m doing a lot better and I’m the most calm over a Christmas holiday I have ever been in my life which is just shy of 37 years now. It’s just awesome. Thank you!”

Clint – Pickering, Ontario

I came to see a BIE practitioner because I had food and environmental allergies. These allergies were cleared up very quickly. Soon I learned that toxic emotional feelings could be cleared in the same way as physical allergies. So I continue to see the practitioner for emotional help. At first, I began with the most obvious to me – anger and fear, then I moved into the more subtle emotions closer to the core of my being – feelings of failure, rejecting responsibility, expecting punishment, feeling guilty, sadness with my mother, fear to be alive and powerful. Each time that I see the BIE practitioner, I am facilitated to see what is at the heart of the imbalance that I am experiencing at that moment and this emotion is cleared.

What I notice is that with the emotional work, I am also noticing physical healings, like clearer eyesight. I have been diagnosed with glaucoma, so the clearer eyesight is a tremendous relief to me. I experienced this in particular during my last session as I came into the office with quite blurry vision and right after the BIE work, my eyesight was noticeably clearer. It’s quite unbelievable.

I really like this work of BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination clearing at the emotional level. It gives me concrete release of held emotional trauma and in one session, I receive powerful transformation of core issues. The approach is fast, complete and non-invasive, with immediate results. I believe that this work is as valuable as a session with a psychotherapist.

Celeste – Toronto, Ontario

I have been doing really amazingly. I have been eating everything!!! I know you have instructed me to eat properly and avoid certain foods but…No problems whatsoever. I have been eating wheat, and some milk (I don’t really like it that much.) I have eaten fish and I don’t have the weird distaste for it anymore. When I take Omega pills I don’t feel like crap anymore, instead I feel energized! So I think that with all of the work that you have done… it has paid off!

Thank you very much,

Carley – Hull, Quebec

Having my daughter cleared of her milk protein allergy was a life changing experience for the better. We no longer have to read the fine print of all the ingredient lists. She can go out for dinner at restaurants and to Birthday parties without worrying about getting sick.

When school started teachers commented how healthy she looked. She had grown so much in 2 months and had finally gained some weight. Usually when school starts so does her asthma. But this year was different as well with that. She was able to stay off her puffers. She was so happy to take part in pasta days, pizza days & hot dog days. Weekly events she always missed out on due to the risk of milk protein being part of the ingredients. She tried out for cross-country running this year, something I never thought would happen. She made the team for her class and placed 46th out of 100 students across the city. For us this was a miracle because prior to seeing the BIE practitioner, she didn’t like to run or couldn’t run much. She is a changed girl, inside and out. She feels so good and it shows in her confidence level and personality. I am so thankful.

Franci – Timmons, Ontario

“Just wanted to let you know that I didn’t react to the Rye and Peanut Butter. Go figure and thanks!!! I am really amazed. I didn’t think I would be able to have it again!”

J.K. – Guelph, Ontario

A testimonial from a BIE practitioner:

A lady come to me a few weeks ago with fibrocystic breasts and this was causing her a lot of pain and discomfort. I eliminated some food sensitivities (gluten, dairy, tuna), dealt with some estrogen issues and eliminated the intolerance to the disease nosode “fibrocystic breast.” She sent me a message the next day and stated “my breasts are not sore.” I talked to her again today and she said “I am still doing great, no pain and my mind is at ease.”

I also did some work with a friend who was always congested and plugged up. After removing his allergy to house dust, he is doing so much better. He was also an interesting person to work with as he had some severe hormonal imbalances. A few years back, he was taking steroids to bulk up and get “bigger”. Due to this, his body was not capable of producing its own supply of testosterone etc., and his cortisol levels were very high. This greatly had an effect on his sex life. He recently has not been able to perform sexually for months. After eliminating his intolerance to these hormones, he is now doing well. His sexual abilites are now back to normal and he is much happier! Due to the steroid use in the past, his emotions are not completely back to normal. He has made an appointment to have more food testing done.

Danielle V – Woodstock, Ontario

I am a 45 year old type 1 diabetic that had a hard time balancing my insulin. After a couple BIE sessions, my insulin is now balanced. I have regained circulation in my face and extremities. Even my skin color has changed from greyish white to pink. I also have lost 5 lbs and have a lot more energy.

Ellen G. – Stanley, New Brunswick

I had been suffering from migraines every week for years, missing a lot of work and staying in bed for days. I did not want to take the pain killers anymore. After one session of BIE desensitizing some food allergies, I have not had a migraine since. I am the happiest person and all my family and friends cannot believe the change. (I’m a walking advertisement for BIE)

Claire E. – Kitchener, Ontario

I used to have asthma and heavy feeling in my chest with plenty of depression and difficulty breathing. After working with emotional imbalances with BIE, I felt as if a heavy load fell off my chest and I could breath again feeling lighter. I find the emotional aspect part of body-mind-spirit connections is very important. In my case, it was the “missing link” needed for my physical healing.

Aaron S. – Stratford, Ontario

My son is an 8 year old asthmatic that needed puffers daily. After one BIE session working with milk and wheat, he has only used her puffer once in two weeks. He was also happy to tell me that he now has more energy to play after school.

Carol D.- Shediac, New Brunswick

I am in my mid twenties and was never able to lose 20 lbs. I tried just about everything, dieting, exercise but did not loose a pound. After having a BIE practitioner desensitize me to an intolerance to iodine, I lost 10 lbs. in two weeks without even trying. I love my new look and increased energy level now that my thyroid started to work better again.

Donna P. – St. Thomas, Ontario

Well, I FINALLY got hold of the results from my peanut allergen blood test after two BIE sessions. Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? On a scale that ranges from <0.35 all the way to >100.00, I am rated at …………..<0.35!

I’ll bring you a paper copy next time I see you. Basically, the level I’m at is called “Allergen Level 0 – Absent or Undetectable Allergen Specific IgE.”

Of course, there has to be a disclaimer at the bottom of the results. It says:
“In food allergy, circulating IgE antibodies may remain undetectable because the antibody may be directed to allergens that are revealed or altered during industrial processing, cooking or digestion and do not exist in the original food. A negative or equivocal test result should not be interpreted to mean that the patient is not or no longer sensitive to the allergen tested. Hypersensitivity reactions may still occur. Results should be interpreted with caution.”

So there you have it. I’m still a little shocked as well. And this is after only TWO BIE sessions!!! And I haven’t had a lot of time since those treatments for my body to dispose of antibodies. So what’s going on? My boss, ever the great skeptic, says that perhaps the original blood test 2 years ago was flawed? He would like to believe what I’m telling him about my BIE sessions with you having had an effect, but he just can’t wrap his head around it, despite telling me that his wife no longer suffers from her environmental allergies with some sort of homeopathic treatment she had years ago. Though her allergies are starting to come back, so he says she needs to go get treated again. But he’s just not buying into the BIE method.

I think I will still have at least one more nut treatment though, especially since other nuts were in question as well. I guess I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that my peanut allergy may actually be gone. I’m way too scared to actually try eating a peanut, but it does kind of put my mind at ease for things like when I walk into the kitchen here at work and someone has a big tub of peanut butter open on the counter. Or maybe I won’t worry so much about eating foods that read on the label “may have come into contact with peanuts” or “may contain traces of peanuts”.

It certainly does go a long way towards giving me peace of mind. My family doc said I could try eating a peanut, but to be cautious in the beginning and start with a very tiny piece. I assume it would also be smart to have my epi-pen ready. I don’t think I’m ready to try that just yet :-).

Annette – Burnaby, British Columbia

“After living most of my life dependant upon Symbicort, emergency puffers and antihistamines I reached a crisis point in my life where I decided something had to change. It has been 6 months now and I AM SYMPTOM FREE! Molds were one of my worst allergies and I dreaded the coming fall…BUT NO PROBLEM for the first time in years! Thanks to BIE .

Now I am working my way thru my family with my BIE practitioner. With this new modality, we can all be free of this nasty problem called allergies.”

Connie Elizabeth C.- White Rock, BC

I just thought I’d send you a quick update. I moved home the day after my appointment with you, and thankfully have not reacted as severely as before- so thank you! My eyes were still bugging me after a few days of being at home, but my skin never reacted to the same degree, nor did my eyes go red or swell (as they have in the past). Now that I’ve been home for a week, I feel great, and besides a little bit of skin peeling around my eyes, no one was able to tell there was anything wrong! Obviously the cat and dust were huge instigators in whatever reaction I was having in the past.

Anyways, thanks again for everything! It was a huge relief to actually pin-point some of my allergies, and being desensitized, and not experiencing a huge reaction upon moving home was wonderful! I’ll be sure to book an appointment when I’m in the Milton area again.

Alex B – Vancouver, B.C.

Great news! I am sleeping through the night or at least until 4:30-5:00 ( which is when I usually get up to let the dogs out) HURRAY!!! I also had a nice steak the other day and I didn’t blow up. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

My mission at the moment is to carry the Natural Health folder with me and make it part of my daily discussions with people I come in contact with. I tell them how wonderful I’m feeling after the allergy sessions!

Janice H. – Palgrave, Ontario

… from ‘skeptic’ to ‘client for life’ … Having suffered with respiratory allergic reactions my entire life along with acid reflux for several years you can imagine my amazement when I realized I no longer needed the OTC meds I had been taking daily for years with minimal relief. After the first few biofeedback analysis and B.I.E. sessions with a practitioner the symptoms disappeared as the sensitivities were eliminated. I started to have more energy AND those extra pounds I had been carrying around were vanishing. My stomach and brain began to communicate with each other and cravings for salty snacks and overeating naturally ended. I have never felt better physically, emotionally and spiritually and I look forward to living my life on the path to ‘true health’

C.B. – Caledon, Ontario

For two years I had developed an acne-like rash on my upper arms. I didn’t know what was causing it and it seemed to just get worse; wearing short-sleeved shirts was embarrassing and unattractive to my bumpy skin. I saw Zrinka only a couple of times and my skin cleared up! We even got to some underlying emotional reasons that were associated with my sensitivity to dairy. I now eat the foods I was unable to eat instead of trying to eliminate them from my diet – a much freer way of living! Thanks.

Ingrid D. – Calgary, Alberta

I am 72 years old and have been crippled with Arthritis for almost 40 years. After struggling unsuccessfully to find the correct medication I found relief in a vegetarian diet but over the past 10 years it has become less and less effective. I have become allergic to much of the vegetarian diet as well. Over the past two years it developed into Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Over this entire period I have tried to find a solution to many of the problems which I had developed. I bombarded my system with endless prescription medications and supplements. I read every book that anyone ever recommended; I tried every medication that friends had success with and every supplement that anyone referred me to. I have lost count of the number of doctors I have seen.

The IBS was getting worse and worse. The medical fraternity was unable to help. I changed my diet. I tried a number of different medications. Nothing seemed to help. In desperation I took the initiative and had a very expensive blood analysis done in the USA that indicated which foods I was allergic to. There were many. I tried to avoid those that contributed to the problem – but still no success. Then I met a BIE practitioner.

Having looked at my problem the BIE practitioner said that I was allergic to all proteins! Imagining yet more medications, I asked how long it would take until I experienced some relief after he treated me. His answer was: “About 20 minutes”. I remained skeptical. He said that I would feel the difference by the following day. The next morning it was gone.

The very next day I had my first steak in 40 years. I gradually started to add other things, which I had become allergic to, back into my diet. I ate fish, scallops, pork, veal, chicken, turkey – and many other foods that I don’t ever remember having eaten before – all without any ill effects. When I go into a restaurant now, I am thrilled to have more than one or two menu choices. I can hardly believe my good fortune.

At a subsequent appointment the BIE practitioner recommended Glucosamine and Chondroitin for my arthritis. I had previously tried this medication several times without success. I tried it again. Next day the IBS was back. When I called the BIE practitioner’s office I was told that I was probably allergic to the medication. He treated me. The IBS disappeared. I am beginning to feel increased mobility and a reduction of the pain in my joints.

This gave me the idea that I may well be allergic to other supplements I was on. I asked him to test one of them and sure enough I was. He treated me and I continue to take it with improved results.

I feel a huge debt of gratitude to the BIE practitioner. I think of all the time I have spent following every lead that I felt may possibly give me some relief. A BIE practitioner is the only doctor I have ever seen – and I have seen many – who was able to take my problem away while I sat in his office. I cannot thank him enough.

R.B. – Tampa Bay, Florida

After just a couple of appointments, I noticed a huge change. I felt much better physically and mentally and was noticeably less sensitive to certain triggers, specifically pet allergens. Having had pet allergies for as long as I can remember, I went to a BIE practitioner as a last resort. I had tried allergy shots and daily antihistamines as well as over the counter remedies. Nothing seemed to work. I had all but given up when I met her. After just a few BIE sessions, I noticed a huge change. I can comfortably visit with family and friends who have pets without worrying I will be overcome with allergy symptoms. A wonderful surprise and can’t thank the practitioner enough.”

Allan Q. – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It had been three years since I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst when I had my first appointment with a BIE practitioner. Each month, with the fluctuation in my hormones, the cyst would enlarge and cause me pain. This past year it got to the point that the cyst was increasing in size and surgery was becoming the last resort. I had several BIE sessions and after each one I experienced a reduction in my monthly symptoms. It was not long after this that I had a check up with my specialist and test results revealed that the cyst had completely disappeared! I am so grateful for this safe and natural system and the BIE practitioner’s knowledge and genuine support in helping me improve my health and wellness.

Laura G. – Chicago, Illinois

We are grateful for all your work on not just us but to others. Daniel had been suffering from eczema and many many allergies for the first three years of his life, and we tried everything out there with no luck. Two years ago we found you and your method for allergies, Bioenergetic Intolerence Elimination, and you have been a blessing to us. You didn’t just help Daniel, but the rest of the family too. Thank you very much for all you’ve done for us and we’ve been very blessed for your work.

Alice B. – Las Vegas Nevada

Since approximately 9 months of age, my daughter was unable to tolerate dairy products. As an alternative, she was given soy products; however, she quickly began to show intolerance to soy as well. She often had an eczema type rash on her face as well as an overactive bowel. I sought the treatment of a naturopathic doctor who confirmed my daughter’s intolerance through food elimination/challenge testing and my daughter began homeopathic treatments to help her reactions. At home, we could eliminate all dairy and soy from my daughter’s diet; however, eating away from home became a challenge and often my daughter would return from a weekend at grandma’s or a family dinner out with eczema on her face. We were then introduced to the BIE method. The BIE practitioner began my daughter’s treatment with a food sensitivity test (which tested for 98 different food types and confirmed the diagnosis of our naturopath) and then performed 2 BIE treatments on my daughter. The treatments were performed over 6 months ago and to date, my daughter has had a beautiful complexion and no eczema. We still maintain a no dairy or soy diet at home, but we can eat away from home with no worries on how it will affect my daughter’s complexion. Thank you!

D.T. – Peterborough, Ontario

For over 20 years I have struggled with stomach ailments and have been diagnosed with everything from irritable bowel syndrome, gallbladder problems, possible ulcer, stress, and “all in your head”. I suspected at least food allergies but didn’t know how to confirm. Suffering with problems again this past year, I finally took the advice of a co-worker who suggested that BIE may be able to help. This turned out to be a huge understatement! The BIE practitioner’s guidance, support and encouragement has transformed my life. I had forgotten what it was like to feel good.

My friends, family and colleagues cannot believe the remarkable changes – I began to look and feel great quickly. The only regret that I have is that I did not have or take the opportunity years ago. Thank you – for giving me a true “make-over” and giving me my life back!

K.H. – Golden, B.C.

I have suffered from seasonal allergies, sensitivities to scents, cigarette smoke, and dust for over twenty years. A friend of mine suggested that I go to see a BIE practitioner to see if she could eliminate some of my allergies. I visited her four times and she was able to do away with my allergy symptoms. I feel better than I have for years and have recommended BIE to a friend of mine who, after seeing the BIE practitioner twice, says the same thing. I thank BIE very much for what it did to improve my life.

R.F. – Lethbridge, Alberta